Features to consider when choosing a motorcycle jacket



Whether zipping along the interstate or meandering along your favorite country road, the two most important parts of any motorcycle ride are safety followed by comfort. Safety trumps comfort, however, when the rubber meets the road or anything else does, making sure you are protected when the unexpected happens, is most important.

In this post, we are going to discuss five key elements to choosing a motorcycle jacket to assist you in the fulfillment of your riding pleasure.


First of all, we want to discuss padding. In keeping with the importance of safety, padding is critical. Many motorcycle jackets nowadays come standard with padding in crucial areas like elbows, shoulders, and back. A newer and less common feature is padding in the collar to protect your neck against whiplash in a fall or collision. Choosing a jacket with padding is a must and choosing one with a padded neck collar is also something that needs to be considered.



Do you have multiple sets of keys? Do you want your wallet and cellphone handy? Of course, everyone has these items these days. Two side hand pockets are not enough. You will feel the weight in these two pockets alone, and it may feel bulky.

Consider chest pockets for your cell phone and wallet and keep your hand pockets free for just your hands. This way, you will be able to eliminate the possibility of leaving those pockets open when you get back on the road making you susceptible to lost items along the way.

Fit and comfort

When shopping for a new motorcycle jacket today, you can have both comfort and style without making a sacrifice for either. Please remember that a looser fit is better than a tighter fit. One key factor of good fit is the reach of your arms. Most motorcycle jackets compensate for the riding position of the wearer, but a long reach in the arms is of utmost importance.



Controlling the temperature is a must. Consider a jacket with a removable liner to add or remove depending on the weather conditions and the speeds you are traveling. A breathable jacket allows you to sweat but also allows fresh air inside. Being too hot or too cold on a ride takes away the enjoyment of your ride so make sure your jacket is breathable.