Buying The Best Hair Shampoo for Women

women taking shower

There are very many types of shampoos for women ranging from moisturizing, curling, and volumizing and even hydrating shampoos. The main catch always is to know your hair type before settling on any shampoo. This article will help you in buying the best hair shampoo for women. However, one should know how the shampoo works and how it will affect the scalp that they have. The following are the different types of shampoo that one should know.

Hydrating Shampoo

They are good for moisturizing, add shine to hair and make it smooth. It is best suited for thick and curly hair. It is also good for coarse hair.

Volumizing Shampoo

It is for fine or limp hair. It may also be suited for hair that needs a lift or a boost. It helps in moisturizing as well without necessarily weighing the hair down.

Fortifying Shampoo

This is a good treatment for damaged, brittle, weak and over processed hair. It has extra proteins for improving the general condition of one’s hair.

Balancing Shampoo

They are the best for normal scalp since they do not over moisturize neither do they dry out the hair.
Smoothing shampoo this type of shampoo offers more moisturization and has soothing agents which help in sealing the cuticle making your hair smooth and easy to style.

Curly Hair Shampoo

It is suited for those who want curly hair without frizz. It is high in moisturizing contents to help in keeping the curls.

Most people imagine the shampoo to be a cleansing agent without considering their scalp. Knowing the type of scalp one will be a major step when buying the shampoo. Here is how different scalps work well with specific types of shampoo.

Oily Scalp

For those with this type of scalp know the challenges they have washed their hair, but the scalp still feels greasy. For this type of scalp, one should avoid shampoos which are used for hydrating, moisturization, smoothing and curling hair. This is because they will make the scalp have too much moisture when it is already oily. The best shampoos to use are those for volumizing, balancing or even strengthening hair. This help in getting rid of excess oil. A clarifying shampoo is always the best, but one should be careful lest the scalp becomes dry again. Being dry make the scalp oilier since sebum production is stimulated to get rid of the dryness.
One should ensure that they rinse the hair well after shampooing. The conditioner should be used but not applied to the scalp. It should be used for the hair’s mid-shaft and rinse thoroughly.

Dry Scalp

Dry scalp is mostly itchy. This may make it difficult to choose the right type of shampoo. One should avoid shampoos that strengthen volumize and fortify hair. These types strip the scalp of moisture. For a scalp that is dry and itchy use specially formulated shampoo for dry scalp. I should have ingredients like tea tree oil and menthol to help in moisturizing the scalp. Shampoos with sulfates should be avoided since they dry out the scalp.